Dr. Nita Wirtz

Bismarck State College

Psychology 111

3  Semester Credits         Bismarck State College         M & W

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Course Description:


Psychology is a science that attempts to understand and predict behavior and to study its relationship to unseen mental processes and to external events in the environment. Subject matter includes the learning processes, perception, motives, emotions, personality, development, social and abnormal behavior. This course is a general prerequisite to other psychology courses. 


IVN/ITV MW lecture, online test mastery that may be taken numerous times and online film assignments and projects.


Questions on the course can be directed to:


Dr. Nita Wirtz, PhD, CC-AASP

Asst. Professor of Psychology

Bismarck State College

1500 Edwards Avenue, Schafer Hall 212B

Bismarck, ND 58505

Office Number - (701) 224-5440