Tyler Vander Wal

New Salem School




1/2 Credit

Psychology is a survey course at the High School level for students interested in learning about human behavior and what is known about it.

The class covers noted psychologists and their theories, development, thinking processes, mental illness and treatments are parts of the subject matter. Experiments and research projects are conducted periodically. ethical guidelines from the American Psychological Association are followed for any experiments.

Students from Sophomore to Senior have taken the class and enjoyed it. It would be recommended for anyone going into Psychology, Education, Management, Medicine, or any field that deals with people.


TEXTBOOK NAME: Psychology: Understanding Psychology (twelfth Edition by Robert S. Feldman)

 Copyright: McGraw Hill  2015

ISBN #: 978-0-07-664087-4       Is the # for textbook and online suite


Price includes a 6 year subscription for online student suite package: $92.88



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