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Sharon Klein 

(Grant County School, Elgin, ND)

German I, Spanish II and College English 110/120 (BSC)

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German Course description
German I is the introduction to the German language and culture of the people.
Each chapter of the Auf Deutsch series will provide students with a chapter
opener, video presentation, vocabulary, and study of grammar structure.
Cultural aspects will be introduced throughout the chapter.

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NOTE For Spanish II Classes


This will be the last year for using the Expresate series for Spanish II (2016-17 school year) 


We will be starting off the year using the red Expresate Level 1 text, then

switch to the blue Expresate Level 2 text around semester time.  We usually

only teach through chapter 6 with Spanish 1 students, therefore it will be a

better transition if we pick up where we left off instead of jumping right

into a way more advanced text.  We understand that there may be some concern

about having enough Expresate level 1 books for 1st semester and have agreed

that if the school allows, the students may leave their textbooks in the

classroom in order to be shared by Spanish 1 and 2.


In the fall of 2017, we will be switching to the Asi Se Dice textbook & online materials.  Most students will have already had their Spanish I class having used the Asi Se Dice Spanish I materials.