PowerSchool Information

Teachers that have several schools (consortium hired teachers and others that teach to multiple locations) are encouraged to use the Great Western Network PowerSchool for grading.  Please check with your ITV teacher regarding which PS he/she has elected to use.  If the teacher decides not to use the GWN PS, they will need to become PS teachers for the individual schools that they teach to which requires a login and pw for each location.  (Those schools will give the ITV teacher access to their PS)  

Those teachers using GWN PS, (Not all do so please check to see which PS they plan on using) please read the following:

1.    The information will be entered into the GWN PS database by the GWN PS facilitator, Glen Weinmann.   His email address is glenweinmann@gmail.com and his phone number is 462-3221.

2.    Teachers will need to email Glen (with a cc to the director Bill Strasser – bill.strasser@k12.nd.us) the class lists using the following example (Class Name & Period of day, First and Last Name, Home School, Grade Level) :


Spanish I, Period 2

John Smith, Underwood, 12

Tanya Johnson, Underwood, 11

Julie Jones, Kenmare, 11


Principals and Site Facilitators:

After Glen gets the information from the teachers (see above….be patient, there is a lot of changing the first week or two of school and teachers wait to stabilize their classes before sending in the rosters), he will create a login and password for each of your schools.  In addition, the students will be given (through the HS Principal) login and passwords so that they can access their grades individually.   In order to get that information, you will need to contact (email or call) Glen.

Use the following links for GWN PowerSchool:

GWN PowerSchool (Parents & Students)

GWN PowerSchool (Teachers)


Many GWN schools are taking classes from teachers and Career and Tech centers that do not keep their grades on the GWN PS.  Here are some contacts and links for those:


Their director is Doug Vannurden - doug.vannurden@mrecnd.org
Their Power School person is Amy Jensen - amy.jensen@mrecnd.org
NCACTC and Central Dakota ITV :

Their director is Kathy McCracken - kmac@daktel.com
Their Power School person is Caryn Woodstead - caryn.woodstead@k12.nd.us


RR (Roughrider) CTC

Their director is Wayne Olson - wolson@midco.net

Their Power School person is : TBD