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Principals, site facilitators and teachers,


The Great Western Network has joined the MRACTC, GNWACTC and the RACTC in merging PowerSchool accounts into one PowerSchool account called the


There will obviously be growing pains as some procedures will be done differently.  The first change will be how students are enrolled into Westernndctc PowerSchool.  Alissa Thiele from the MRACTC will be importing all student data into PowerSchool.  School administrative assistants and principals will need to send an export to Alissa as soon as possible.  


Glen Weinmann will continue to enroll students in GWN classes, therefore continue to send your class lists to Glen.  Alissa will enroll students in classes for the REA’s.  Don’t confuse enrolling students into PowerSchool and enrolling students in classes.   For example: in Bismarck, it doesn’t matter what school the students attend, they go to the Central Office to register for school and then the local school administration will enroll them in classes.  In our case, the students are taking a class from either the GWN, MRACTC, GNWACTC or the RACTC, they will register with Alissa (Central Office). And then if they are taking a class from an REA Alissa (local admin) will enroll them in a class.  If you are taking a GWN class, Glen (local admin) will enroll them in a class.


Therefore, it is very important for Alissa to receive the export she is requesting.  Without it, there are no students in the school to enroll in a class.


Principals and site facilitators are encouraged to be patient, as some teachers will wait a week or more to send Glen class lists.  Teachers are waiting for enrollments to stabilize in their classes


Class lists should be in Excel and include:


Class name, period of the day, teacher

Last name, first name, home school



Spanish I

Period 2














Alissa’s message is below (see attached templates)


Good Afternoon,


I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. We are starting the process of getting students enrolled in PowerSchool for the upcoming year. We’re doing it a little differently this year since I will be entering all students for MRACTC, GNWCTC, GWN, and RACTC into PowerSchool. We have a new link for everyone to use when they log into PowerSchool that will encompass the students in all three CTC’s. It will also house the students enrolled in ITV through Great Western Network. Please use once school begins to look up grades and for student use.


I’ve attached two documents to this email. The first is the step by step instructions that you will need to follow to give me the information I need for each student. The second attachment is an excel sheet that shows a few samples of what it will look like.


I know I usually send out the information export sheet once school gets under way, but I am doing it differently moving forward. I’ve attached directions on how to complete the export. I know everyone is extremely busy getting ready for school, but I would greatly appreciate it everyone can return this form to me as soon as possible.


If anyone has any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me via my email, or phone 701.751.4041 Ext. 101. I know many are still out on for summer vacation, but I thought there’s no time like the present and I’ll at least get some of you.



Alissa Thiele


3001 Memorial Hwy Suite B 

Mandan, ND 58554

701.751.4041 ext 101


Directions for Exporting (All Schools need to do this)

Select the students who will be enrolling in a class from any of the schools in the Western ND CTC (GWN, MRACTC, RACVTC, GNWACTC).


Once you have the group of students selected:


Select Special Functions.

Select Importing and Exporting.

Select Exporting Using Template.

Set Type of Export drop down to Students.

Set Export Template drop down to CTC Export.

Set the radio button For Which Records to The selected XX students.

Submit. This will export the records for the student in a text (.txt) file format. Depending on browser and operating system, you will need to locate the exported file.

Right-click on the file and Open With Excel.

In the SchoolID column, enter the CTC school the student will be taking classes from (GWN, MRACTC, RACVTC, GNWACTC). You may enter more than one school.

Do a File; Save As using your district name in the file name and leaving the file format as a .txt file.

Send the file to Alissa.