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SPANISH I & Spanish II

Teacher license # - 000058596

1 Credit each

Nicole Neumiller

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Requirement: Students must have daily access to a device (tablet, cell phone, laptop, etc.) and connectivity to the internet.

A student in Spanish I & II will be expected to:

- develop consistency in Spanish pronunciation

- understand questions, commands, directions, and short conversations

- recognize words and phrases dealing with topics such as daily activities, travel

meals, weather, time, family, and sports

- develop an appreciation of a different culture through readings and discussions


It is recommended that any student who wishes to enroll in Spanish I or II should be aware that strong English skills are essential to the mastery of a foreign language. This includes strengths in reading, comprehension, writing, and spelling. It is also important to realize that a great amount of time needs to be put in every day when studying a foreign language.


Book Information :

The textbooks for Spanish I and II are the Asi Se Dice series (Level I for Spanish I and Level II for Spanish II)

Before ordering books, you may want to check with neighboring schools to see if they have some extras from previous years.  If not, below is the information for purchasing:

Here is the direct link --- >

Leah Stern | K-12 Sales Representative | School Group

McGraw-Hill Education | 8787 Orion Place, Columbus, OH 43240
P: 614-430-6043
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