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Criminal Law (1 credit)

Course Code-15118 (Law & Justice in North Dakota)

Minot - Magic City Campus

Available for grades 11 and 12 only

Criminal Law

This course is designed to introduce and provide an understanding of criminal law to students as it applies to them in North Dakota and the United States.  The emphasis is on state and federal law, law enforcement, courts and corrections.  The course utilizes mock trials, simulations and discussions to assist students in developing a meaningful knowledge of criminal law.

Textbook:    "Street Law" A Course in Practical Law

Company:    Glencoe

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TEXTBOOK NAME: Street Law (8th edition)

PRICE:  72.81 

ISBN #: 9780078799839  

PUBLISHER ADDRESS:    Glencoe McGraw-Hill

                                                8787 Orion Place

                                                Columbus, Ohio  43240-4027

Phone # - 1-800-334-7344

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TEXTBOOK NAME: Street Law (8th edition)