VBRICK – Recording and Playback

1.     Watching the class via live stream –

Go to :   https://view.video.nd.gov/#/  and type in your credentials (see # 3 for credential instructions)  Right under the “Upcoming Events” you should see the box showing the class in progress – click on it to start watching.

2.    Watching a playback.  (classes will be ready to view within a few hours of being completed)  Go to: https://view.video.nd.gov/#/ and type in your credentials.  Once in, click the “media” pull down on the top menu bar and select the class that you would like to watch.  If you do not have any classes showing up, it means that you haven’t been given access to that class by the teacher or the GWN administrator.  (See # 3 )


3.    Credential instructions – In order to watch a video of the class you are in (or teaching), you must be given “credentials” to log in.  Either the GWN director or the classroom teacher can add students or site facilitators, principals, etc. to the class via their k12.nd.us email address.  The login is the firstname.lastname and their password is the same password that they use for office 365.  In many cases, students/teachers may have been given college login and passwords with the same first.last login. (example john.doe@BSC.nodak.edu) . If so, you will want to try using either one of the passwords (either the k12 or the NDUS pw) to get in.

For more information on this please check this link: www.greatwesternnetwork.com/pdfs/VBRICK%20HowTo.pdf


SELF REGISTRATION – If your school does not utilize the k12.nd.us system or your instructor has not added you to their TEAM, you may self register.  This option is available at the bottom of the login screen --à https://view.video.nd.gov/#/login


Note: Recordings will be kept in storage for 45 days.



Teachers that want to do editing or saving of the videos (for putting them in your management system, etc., use this link: