Site Facilitator Page

Each school in the Great Western Network consortium is to designate a site facilitator.  Listed below are the responsibilities of this person:

1.  Test Monitoring - Be the person in the room at the time of a quiz or test as requested by the sending site teacher.

2.  Room - Check the room out every day to make sure students are keeping it clean.  Remind the custodians that this room needs cleaning just as others do in your school.

3.  Be the go-to person in the event that there is a technical problem.  The students should contact you and if you are unable to solve the problem, please inform the ITV director. (

4.  Be the go-to person for the teacher.  Work with them on getting papers to the students and with the mailing of projects and tests/worksheets.

5.  Make sure that all books, supplies, materials, etc.  that are needed for the class are available to the students in a timely fashion. (most teachers keep their web sites current with ordering, etc.)

6.  At the start of the school year, hand out the discipline policy and letter to the students from the director.  Once signed by the students and the parents, have them on file in case they are needed during the year.

7. Are any of the students in your school taking an ITV class that are on IEPís ?If so, you will want to notify the teacher and help them make arrangements.

8. Please let both the director and your ITV teachers know the days that your school is not in session and also class periods where a connection to the class doesnít need to be made.

 ITV Site Facilitator - Start of Year Checklist for 2018-19 school year


1.    If the ITV system is turned off, use the directions below to turn it on.This should be done several days prior to ITV classes starting so that the director can make some test calls and update software.Please use the following instructional link :


††††† 2.    Please print out the following forms and distribute as follows:


a.    Letter to Students from GWN Director.  A copy of this letter should be given to each student prior to the first day of ITV classes. It may be helpful to read this letter to them as well.



b.    Discipline Policy.  A copy of this form should be given to each student to have signed by their parents and themselves. The completed form is kept on file in your office and sent to the teachers if they request them.



3.    ITV classes will start on Tuesday, August 21, 2018


 Please consider the following:


a.    Take some time (prior to the 21st if possible) to explain the ITV system (how to operate it) to the students. (setting volume controls, camera adjustments, etc.)  


b.    If your ITV teacher will not be in session (the first week of school or ANY time during the school year) it is probably best to send them to a study hall where they can be supervised. Please consider the expense of the ITV equipment and the liability issues in this type of situation.


c.    Establish contact (email or phone) with your ITV teachers (if they havenít with you) to make sure all material and class lists are accurate. The current email contact list is at



4.†††††††† This link will help new facilitators and teachers with how to use the ITV system for GWN --- >        ITV User Instructional Guide *


Thanks and have a great school year. Bill Strasser (701) 226-2541