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Art I and II

The purpose of this class is for students to learn and demonstrate knowledge of a variety or art media while gaining an understanding and appreciation of past and present art techniques.  Students will learn to draw using pencil, charcoal, oil and soft pastels, as well as pen and ink.  They will study the theory of color thru the mediums of colored pencil, pastels, watercolor, and acrylic paint. 

Students will gain an appreciation and respect for art through class critiques of historical works as well as their own.  We will explore and experiment with historical examples of the techniques and principles of art.  It is my objective to teach individuals how to become creative in their lives without embarrassment.  I will encourage each student to become more open to critique of their work as an opportunity to better themselves and their creativity.  The students objective is to become comfortable with the idea of exhibition and explanation of their creative choices which will lead to an art showcase at the end of the year.

This class will introduce students to techniques as well as terminology of the creative art world.  Upon completion the student will feel comfortable using a variety of media.  The will also be confident when discussing art with others in a relaxed or professional setting.  They will be able to discuss openly and confidently how a piece of art was created and come up with an opinion or idea on why it was created.

Students will be taught about originality and design in relationship to copyright laws.  They will be asked to come up with personal designs and themes which will emphasis their personalities.  While gaining confidence in creativity students will be asked to experiment with different mediums in both two and three dimensional forms.

Throughout the coursework students will be using historical examples to enhance the understanding of the mediums being used.  They will become familiar with famous artists from today and yesterday, as well as with the art styles.  Students will become familiar with a broad range of art styles, through examples, research, and hands on activities.