Jolene Haffner

American Sign Language (ASL)



Taught from Our Redeemers Christian School Minot, ND



Required Books : Found at

A Student's Guide to ASL & the Deaf Community by Michelle Jay


A Student's Guide to Mastering ASL Grammar by Michelle Jay


A Student's Guide to the Deaf Experience by Michelle Jay


A Student's Guide to Community Terminology by Michelle Jay


An American Sign Language (ASL) student will be expected to:

-Use the ASL 5 parameters and fingerspelling to communicate clearly

-Understand questions, commands, directions and short conversations

-Expressive and receptive skills in communicating words and phrases connecting to daily activities, school, meals, weather, time, holidays and family

-Develop an understanding and appreciation for Deaf culture through readings, research and discussions


As with any language, practice is key. Students will be expected to practice outside of class time in addition to actively participate in class.

Students will need to have access to a laptop, cell phone, or tablet and internet connection on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


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