Jennifer Bailey  # 000030343

HMB High School-Hazelton

1 Credit

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 The general purpose of these classes is to introduce students to a variety of art media and to equip them with the knowledge of different art techniques and styles so that they can comfortably create original works.


Art 1 is a foundation course that provides information about basic tools, skills and techniques with the goal that students will gain the confidence to create original works.  Areas of study will be drawing, painting, color theory, sculpture and art history. Mediums will include graphite, charcoal, pen, markers, chalk pastels, oil pastels, ink, watercolor and acrylic paints.  The student will learn the design elements, drawing terms, facial / body proportions, linear perspective and vocabulary unique to art.  No previous art experience is required. Course name: Art


Art 2 students should be familiar with the concepts from Art 1. Students will be learning design principles and be given the opportunity to continue developing their skills. The goal of this class is to create a series of work from concept sketches through the completion of the project with reflection to pull the work into a cohesive whole. Students will create works that have personal meaning while honing visual story telling skills to draw a viewer into their creation. Course name: Fundamentals of Art.


Art 3 and Art 4 students should be familiar with concepts from Art1 and Art 2.  The goal of upper art classes is to expand a student’s body of work for a portfolio.  Students will be expected to produce works using several different mediums and styles.  Works will include 2D and 3D with refinement of a series. Art 3 course name: Color and design.  Art 4 course name: Commercial Art.


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