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FACS Classes (1/2 credit each) -

(Parenting / Family Living / Independent Living )


Parenting / Family Living: (1/2 credit each) Rewards and Responsibilities. This course is recommended for juniors and seniors. It explores the role of the family and personal readiness. We also cover parenting skills, pregnancy and birth and challenges a family may face. This material is also a good basis to start planning for a course in education. We explore the value of play, education and working with children with special needs.

 Parents and Their Children, 8th Edition

TEXTBOOK NAME: Parents and Their Children 8th edition

AUTHOR: Verdene Ryder and Celia A. Decker


ORDER#: ISBN # 978-1-161960-640-1



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Family Living:


Contemporary Living, 12th edition

By: Verdene Ryder

ISBN: 978-1-61960-650-0
Format: Hardcover
Copyright: 2015
Subject: FCS Family Living
Grade Level: 9-12
Retail Price: $85.28
School Price: $63.96



Independent Living:


No textbook required for this class.