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SPANISH  II – Mandan High School

1 Credit

Blog for Spanish 2

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A student in Spanish I will be expected to:

- develop consistency in Spanish pronunciation

- understand questions, commands, directions, and short conversations

- recognize words and phrases dealing with topics such as daily activities, travel

meals, weather, time, family, and sports

- develop an appreciation of a different culture through readings and discussions


It is recommended that any student who wishes to enroll in Spanish I should be aware that strong English skills are essential to the mastery of a foreign language. This includes strengths in reading, comprehension, writing, and spelling. It is also important to realize that a great amount of time needs to be put in every day when studying a foreign language.


Materials Needed for Spanish II classes: (updated Aug 2, 2016)

Red Expresate 1 Textbook Chapters 7-10 with Vocab and Grammar workbook 

(Cuaderno de Vocabulario y Gramática)


Blue Expresate 2 Textbook Chapters 3 & 6.  No need to purchase the workbook,  I can send the pages out as a PDF.



Materials needed for Spanish II

1.5” three ring binder

300  3x5 index cards

2 erasable markers

Colored pencils and markers

Spanish/English dictionary

Loose-leaf paper

Pencils- all work completed in pencil

Pens for corrections



Materials provided by school

2 clear sheet protectors per student 8 ½ x 11

1 erasable marker per student (whiteboard markers)

1 empty coffee can per 4 students

Plastic bin for storing materials